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Despite a ruling by the European Court of Justice in November 2004 establishing that Football fixture lists can not claim copyright protection under the 1996 European Database Directive, the FA Premier League, the Football League, the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League, continue to assert their right to charge a licence fee for the reproduction of English and Scottish professional football league fixtures by referring to a now questionable case in law decided under the English Copyright Act of 1956. Until further legal clarification of this matter is received this site will not show any English or Scottish professional football league fixture that has not yet started. Users of this site should, however, be assured that all results, statistics and livescores of these leagues will be completely unaffected. Consequently, as soon as a copyrighted fixture kicks off, it will be displayed as normal with team names, allowing users to follow it live.

For further details of the European Court of Justice ruling please consult the following documents and websites:


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